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Lock down your wireless routers!

June 29, 2012

I read an article today about how a town in Indiana had a small problem.

See, someone in the town was making threats against the police in Evansville using the interwebs. The police started to shake in their panties so they set out to track down the offending internet poster. Well they narrowed down where the poster was coming from by his/her IP address, and then used that IP to track down the house.

Problem was, it was the wrong house. This house had a wireless router, but they never bothered to secure it. So basically anyone within 300 feet could use this open wireless router to surf the internet, and post threats to the police force. The police force however weren’t interested in doing any due diligence…what they were interested in was mobilizing SWAT, kicking down doors, throwing flash bang grenades, and terrorizing the wrong people.

As it turns out the front door of the hapless home was even open during the raid. Yeah, the front door was open, and the occupant of the home was sitting on the living room couch watching TV in full sight of the front door. So while the police could have walked up, knocked on the jamb and explained their position, they took the much more reasonable approach and threw in flash bang grenades, and stormed the house in full body armor…weapons hot!

I bet they felt brave.

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