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Hooray Germany!

June 29, 2012

What’s that sound you say??? It’s the sound of penises all over Germany celebrating.

As it turns out last Tuesday:

A court in Cologne ruled on Tuesday that involuntary religious circumcision should be illegal as it could inflict serious bodily harm on people who had not consented to it.

That’s right people, just because your God or whomever tells you that you must, MUST chop off part of your newborn baby’s body, apparently in Germany, you won’t be allowed to any more.

These are children, their bodies belong to them, and you as adults have no right to cause them irrevocable bodily harm for any reason. Listen up America because you seem to be missing the message here too. Your religious freedoms stop at my body. My body is mine and mine alone, and you have no right to alter it without my consent.

I know there are those of you out there who think this is just me over reacting. Let’s say that it’s my religious belief that the pinky is offensive to my God…you see where I’m going here…right? Is it okay for me to cut off the little fingers of my children when they are born? NO! Of course not, it would be fucking ludicrous, and shame on anyone who would say that such a practice would be acceptable, because you know…it’s just me practicing my religion. Fuck your religion, little baby boys have a right to 100% of their penises, not 95%, not 99%, 100%. If they grow up to the age of consent and choose to have their bits carved up, then that’s their choice, but don’t dare make that choice for them.

So, yay Germany! It’s a seemingly obvious step in the right direction, but someone had to do it…let’s see who’s next? America?

Also, just to be clear here…just in case you were wondering…there are no medical benefits to circumcision.

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