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ARGH! Bad police ruin it for everyone.

March 2, 2012

So a while ago I was in court as a possible jury member. I was thrown off the jury because when asked by the prosecutor if I had any bias against police officers, my answer was a resounding Hell Yeah!

That whole episode continues to haunt me. I really want to believe in the police and what they do. There are good men and women who serve as officers whom I’m sure would take my breath away with their acts of bravery and compassion…

This post is not about them. I was surfing the interwebs today when I found this.

It’s a video series of a guy (or a couple of guys) who just stroll into a police precinct and ask if there is a form that they can get to file a complaint against an officer. The short answer is that there is such a form, and that upon request it should be handed over to the citizen immediately.

That’s not what happened however. The most polite response shown in the video is the officers flat out lying and saying that there is no such form. The rest of the examples range from outright hostility to one officer (hand on gun) saying “why don’t you take one more step and lets see what happens.” Oh yeah, the guy was also put under arrest (cuffed) simply for asking for the form.

Fuck you bad cops!

You assholes undermine the authority of every man and woman who wears a badge. You make people like me question and second guess everything every other officer says. You make is so much worse for yourselves and the good officers around you. You make me so mad!!!

…and for the sake of clarity, FUCK YOU!!!

Now I know there are those of you out there that will try to excuse the behavior of the officers on the video. My very short response to you is that there is no defense for their behavior. They are intimidating, bullying, and threatening a citizen asking for a piece of paper they have every right to ask for. The only appropriate response to “can I have a complaint form” is “yes.”

The reason it is wrong for these cops to question the guy wanting the form is…what if the complaint is against that cop. It’s a clear conflict of interest for me to file a complaint about and officer to the officer I’m complaining about. Even if it’s not the cop I’m complaining about, it’s inappropriate for the cop to say “tell me what happened” because then he can collude with his cop buddy and tell him that he’s being investigated and that he’d better get his story straight.

The reason the complaint form is a form is so that you can mail your complaint directly to internal affairs without it having to pass through the hands of a precinct that would directly benefit from that complaint somehow disappearing. They know this. They know that they have one chance to get you to pass up your complaint. Once that form is in your hands, it’s out of theirs and these cowards don’t dare take the chance. I suspect they are all up to some wrong doing (other than the abuse of a citizen asking for a piece of paper) and they know that if this complaint gets filed that there is a chance that their larger wrongdoings will come to light.

So congrats bad cops! Your sickening example gives people like me ample reason to distrust your whole profession. Just another days work cowering behind a shield I guess.

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