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Dear Catholic Church…please die alreay!

October 18, 2011

Okay, I know I rail against the Catholic Church (any church for that matter) a lot, but you have to admit few organizations go so far out of their way to raise my ire.

Yesterday I got wind of a documentary being queued up for the BBC. It’s about how the Catholic church in Spain has been taking the children of young, usually single mothers, and selling them to other couples while telling the birth mother that their child was dead.

You see, they were doing it in the name of God. A young, vulnerable girl would come in to the Church run hospital to deliver her baby. After the baby was born it would be whisked away and sold to other people who the church deemed “better” (read: can fork over more money to the Church) and more godly.

Then a nurse would go back to the woman who just gave birth and say “Ooops sorry, your child died.” The birth mothers were then refused seeing the remains of their children (because they were alive) or were shown a picture of a dead baby in a freezer. Nice. Stay classy Catholicism. But wait there’s more…

300,000 babies over 50 years. You read correctly.

300,000 babies who never knew their real parents. 300,000 mothers who not only had to survive the loss of a child, but never even got the chance to hold or see their little ones. 300,000 chances for the church to profit on the immeasurable suffering of the vulnerable.

It’s not often that words fail me, but what words can truly capture the scale of this crime? What words can connote the degree of outright evil perpetrated by the church? I can think of none.

So, Catholics, congratulations you are card carrying members of a criminal organization! Yay for you. But wait, you say that you had nothing to do with the selling of newborns and that the church you attend has nothing to do with the churches in Spain? Well you’re right and you’re wrong.

You support churches who sell babies, you support priests who rape children because you attend and tithe to the very organizations they use to conduct those deeds. Your faith puts them in a position of power which they are then free to abuse. And abuse it they do. Whether it be selling babies for 50 years, or priests all over the world sexually abusing children, or even the Church excommunicating one of it’s own because he has the audacity to believe that a woman’s call to god is just as valid, just as authentic as a mans, the only reason these people have power to abuse is because you give it to them. Every time you walk in the church door you give it to them. Every time you kneel in mass you give it to them. Every time you turn a blind eye to the countless abuses done in the church you give it to them.

The Catholic Church by any measure is a criminal organization. They have a history of abuse to the most vulnerable and a record of cover ups and non-cooperation with legitimate authorities who try to ferret out where abuses have taken place. I implore my Catholic friends and family…leave the church. Love God, fine. Worship Jesus, fine. Get together with friends and talk about your spiritual selves, fine. But please leave the church. Take power away from the criminals who run it. Walk with a clear conscience knowing that you’ve turned your back on the numerous atrocities committed by the church. The abusers can only abuse from a position of power, take that power away from them!

300,000 babies…and I thought I knew evil.


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