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Ann Coulter is a horrible human being

October 9, 2011

Okay, well the title may have given it all away, but this post is all about how horrible a human being Ann Coulter is.

I was watching Bill Maher’s talk show and she was one of the guests. I had heard the name before, and kind of generally knew her as some talking head on the right, but the show was the first time that I had ever heard her speak on anything. How shall I describe hearing the woman talk?

It’s as if she were a life sized Pez dispenser. She has three flavors of Pez: lie flavor, rhetoric flavor, and blatant misrepresentation flavor. At any given time throughout the conversation, her head would slide back and one of these three Pez bricks of bullshit would pop out of her neck hole.

It was amazing to watch, I’ve never seen anyone speak so confidently while knowing so little. She also had this weird Stevie Nicks head bobble thing going on that was either her trying to shake loose an original thought, or the early onset of palsy.

All of that aside, crazy people are nothing new. I was completely ready to write her off like any number of crazy republican talking heads. However, she went on this one particularly obnoxious tirade that I just can’t let go. I’ve heard this nugget of republican thinking echoed more and more over the last couple of years and I just have to take a minute to address it.

She says during the course of the show that “government employees” are a drain on the country. She said that they were getting bigger raises (not true, our pay has been frozen by the President for the next five years), and getting bigger benefit packages (again not true, we’re getting the same Federal offerings we’ve always gotten) the implication being that we’re providing nothing in return.

Careful readers will note that I’ve already tipped my hat. I am one of said government employees, so I guess that this line of argument comes a little close to home. However it also gives me a prime position to tell you that I know what I’m talking about and Ann Coulter doesn’t.

How can so much contempt fit in such a tiny frame?

Ann Coulter woke up this morning and didn’t have to breathe smoggy air, you know why? Because government employees got together to set standards for air quality and government regulators enforce those standards. Ann Coulter drove to work this morning, you know how? Because government employees built the roads she drove on, built the stop lights controlling the traffic, and power the street lights that show her the way. Ann Coulter is allowed to broadcast her ignorant tirades against the working class because government employees at the FCC dedicated the bandwidth on the spectrum to allow her to be broadcast without interference.

From the moment Ann Coulter wakes up to the moment she goes to bed she walks, like stones across a river, on the backs of government employees who have spent lifetimes making her world a little better, a little safer, and a little more free. And yet, asshole that she is, after she has finished using the backs of government employees to wipe her feet she spits on them and calls them the parasites on society.

Republicans, listen up. You benefit in a million little ways every single day of your lives from the government. I know, I know it doesn’t fit it the rhetoric machine to say thanks to the people who build the schools you learned in, the parks your kids play in, or the people who installed the pipes that bring clean water to your faucets. But it is unfair, disingenuous, and dare I say un-American for you to at the end of the day say that the government employee is siphoning off America when you’ve spent all day siphoning off the work of the government employee.

Ann, get your bobble head out of your ass and start thanking the people that you blithely take for granted every single day, because quite frankly lady at the end of the day when I consider who has done more in support of America, I’ll take one government employee over five hundred Ann Coulters.


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One Comment
  1. Well Said!

    I can’t wait for this person’s 15 minutes of fame to over and done with, so we can toss her in the same box with other used-up nonsense-driven personalities like Paris Hilton, all the “Housewives Of …”, etc.

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