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I am Mudderless!

September 20, 2011

For those of you in the know there was supposed to be a Tough Mudder trip in my future. Long story short I didn’t wind up making it. Long story long, I went on an accidental 11 mile hike (read: got lost in the woods) two weeks ago that almost killed me (can anyone say airlifted?) and decided that being brave and being smart were not mutually exclusive terms. The hike that almost killed me was the same length as the Mudder with about 1,000ft. more elevation or so. Having gone through it I decided that attending the actual Mudder might be a bit much at this stage.

Good news is that I’m sticking with the training in anticipation of next years event. Better news is that Gretchen and I went on the non-lost version of the death hike I took two weeks ago. That last hike really kind of broke me. I’ve never felt that bad in my life and I have never been so thoroughly defeated in my life either, however not one to let things get me down so I decided to go back and kick that mountains ass! My darling dulcet wife decided that she wanted to come along to support me and we had a really good time together taking our time getting up there so some beautiful views (to include the Mrs.).

So the bad news is that I didn’t get to go play in the mud and get hit with a stun gun, the good news is that I can wait until next year and I got both my revenge on the mountain and a date with my wife all at the same time. All things considered a win win.


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