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Hiking Activity 4.58 mi | RunKeeper

August 28, 2011

Hiking Activity 4.58 mi | RunKeeper.

Suck it gravity!  Today we did a hike at Garrapatta state park right off HWY 1.  It sucked, not going to paint a rosy picture here.  It took us three hours to go just over four miles.  The elevation change was 1900 feet.  It was straight up, and then straight down.

I was so happy when we got to the top of the mountain, thinking it was all smooth sailing from there, but no as it turns out going downhill that sharply is murder on the knees.

It hurt going up and it hurt coming down.

It was however, beautiful.  We started off at sea level and in the fog, but when we were about half way up the mountain we broke through the fog and we could see behind us a beautiful blanket covering the valley.  Above the fog the day was gorgeous.  The sky was a perfect clear blue and it was just warm enough and just cool enough for a descent hike.

Rob brought along his video camera so we have some great shots of the hike, the hard part is that you have to wade through several hours of nausea inducing back and forth camera work taking while hiking.


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