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6.66 Miles!

August 11, 2011

Cycling Activity 6.66 mi | RunKeeper.

Yar, it be the devils bike ride for sure.  Yeah, me and a couple of the guys from work yesterday went on a bike ride on the Laguna Seca race track.  Laguna Seca has this thing where every now and again, you can show up and ride the course on your bicycle for $10.  It was kind of cool, a lot of families and a lot of people who are really, really into riding bikes.

The downside was that it was the Laguna Seca raceway.  For those of you who don’t know, it’s not like Nascar where all you have to do is make left hand turns on a elevation neutral course.  No sir, this course has lots of up hill and lots of down.  You can check out the elevation changes below.  It was rough.  My lungs gave out on the uphills, and I had to walk my bike (much to my shame) up the hills.  Seriously there where kids there on their bikes who were passing me!  Oh well, at least I did something.


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