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10 Miles!

August 9, 2011

Walking Activity 10.02 mi | RunKeeper.

Holy Crap! So I need to start training for the Tough Mudder. It’s in about fourty days or so and I need to be able to do ten miles uphill. I’m not ready, not by half so I need to start training. Well last weekend, on Saturday I decided to go for a walk. My thinking was that if I couldn’t walk ten miles cold, on a paved road then I had no hope of completing the Tough Mudder and I should start trying to figure out a way to break my leg so I can get out of it.

So Saturday morning I got up and got dressed and went for a walk. NOTE TO HUSBANDS: When planning to go on a ten mile walk, don’t simply say to your wife “I’m going for a walk.” You say that and they hear, “I’m going for a walk around the block” or “I’m going for a walk to the donut store.” They tend not to hear I’m walking to the next county and I’ll be back in five hours. Just a little lessons learned for your old buddy, Joe.

Anyway, decided to go for a walk for ten miles. Trust me when I say this, no one is more surprised than me that I made it. If you hit the link above you can even see my times per mile. In the beginning I actually sped up as the miles went by, then by about the half way mark I started to slow down, then around mile nine I really started to slow down. I wasn’t so much walking at that point as angrily stumbling. But hey it got me home in one piece.


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